A must have for every DJ.

By Sam Lopez

A Must Have

Looking at this setup got you like WoW, right? I mean look at the style and look of the DJ console and all the flashy buttons and the color scheme. The 2 screens in the center Dope! Can you imagine yourself behind this setup and getting all the compliments, it would be an amazing boost to your ego. It looks like the next gen in DJ gear, like upgrading from PS1 to PS4 (Playstation) and comparing the features. 

When I first transitioned from analog to digital as a DJ I purchased a BEHRINGER B-CONTROL DEEJAY BCD3000 controller which I thought at the time was high tech. I still use it in my recording studio but not for taking out to Party/Events.

Look at this thing (looks ancient already)



It’s funny when I look back and see how far I’ve come and how many of my fellow DJ’s have advanced with the DJ Gear they have as well. 

What do you think? Do we need the latest DJ this and most expensive DJ that? Better yet is your DJ Business doing so well that you can buy the latest and greatest gear? I have been thinking about this whole thing about getting into debt purchasing the so-called best DJ Equipment and yet not knowing how to use what you already have to it’s full potential. I see it all the time, when people contact me and want a list of everything I use as a Pro DJ. I don’t hesitate to give them a run down of all I have and I even offer to teach them how to use it. Really, I do, and many still don’t know how to use the gear. 

This year I decided to master every piece of DJ Gear I own and use all the features and teach others to use their DJ Gear to the full potential. Sometimes sticking to the basic DJ setups are more valuable then getting the latest gear, then having to learn all over again. Especially during your busy season when your booked 11 out of the 12 months this year. For me, I don’t have time to re-learn gear. I stick to what works until it don’t work anymore.  Now don’t get me wrong. I still believe in having backup Gear just in case something goes wrong on the road. I travel with (2) laptops and extra speakers for that just in case something goes wrong situation. If for some reason my DJ controller would not work I can still use my Virtual DJ software to get it done. There are many variables to consider as a Pro Mobile DJ and every time you are DJing brings new challenges.  

I found out about a must have for every DJ and you would not guess what it is. Most of us would think it’s a very expensive piece of equipment. A state of the art DJ website. A social media ad campaign or a tremendous email list. Although all those are powerful tools to have available to expand and upgrade your DJ services they are not the make me or break me for DJ’s to have success. In time you can build all the above mentioned tools and ways to take your DJ Business to the next level. By all means go for it. I heard it said that if you shoot for the moon and miss you would still land on a star. A place you have never been before. If you would have asked me 10 years ago what was the must have for my DJ Business I would have told you what I’m about to tell you today. Through the years it took testing to see what works and seeing what won’t work. Trial and error is the part of a DJ’s life that is a must have. 

I give this advice to all upcoming DJ’s and ask them this question. What are you DJing for? I believe that if you have the best equipment, great DJ skills and a strong following but you don’t have a reason why your DJing then you can’t reach your full potential. Getting ready for a wedding should get you to research wedding ceremonies. Don’t be afraid to ask successful wedding DJ’s for advice. Stay connected with the wedding party. and make sure you make everything clear on what your offering for the price that was agreed on. This is part of the trial and error process. The more you know and the more you ask would set you up to do the best you can for the event you were hired for. Every DJ must have a reason for doing what we do. The Gear, the Skills and the following won’t satisfy what your craving. Your DJ Dreams are tied with the reality of knowing Why your doing it. I challenge you to really think this through. Take the time to settle the issue as you go forward DJing. Whether your doing it as a hobby or DJing Professionally for money. In either case it would be worth your time to write down at least (5) reasons why you want to DJ. I hope this helped you. If you want to discuss this further leave your comments on my facebook page or email me djsamrock@soulwinnerz.org for deeper levels of conversation. 

Until the next time it’s your brother DJ SAMROCK “The Christian DJ Difference” peace…

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