November 25, 2015



“The Christian DJ Difference”

What is a Christian?

A Christian is a person who asks God (Jesus) for forgiveness for sin (breaking God’s law), then turns from his/her sinful ways and turns towards a Holy and Loving God and continues to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit of God.

What is a DJ?

A DJ is a person who can skillfully put songs together that will enhance the mood of the occasion at hand. He or She is able to blend the songs together in a genre specific style that will lead the crowd into the theme for the occasion. A DJ is a crowd motivator.


Hi, my name is Sam Lopez a.k.a. DJ SAMROCK welcome to my site. I’m 46 years old and 15 years ALIVE in Christ. I married my best friend Uni Lopez and have a 25 yr. old son who is an FDNY firefighter and have a little girl. She is our miracle baby. I’m blessed to be able to write this blog in an attempt to help out many other DJ’s out there. I am not super famous. I don’t have the multi-million dollar house, I don’t drive a fancy car and I’m not claiming to be the best DJ in the USA. What I do have is “Experience” in the Digital DJ arena. I say digital because the old-school vinyl days are almost totally extinct -lol.

I’m currently self-employed in PA. I’m grateful to have an opportunity to help support my family and invest in my long-term dreams and goals. I’m going to try my best to pour out everything I’ve learned in the music industry through this site. There is a lot more to me that Lord willing I will be able to share with you in the near future. For now, let me personally thank you for giving me your attention. Be blessed and feel free to look around the site and let me know what you think.

Why follow DJ SAMROCK?

Let me make this totally clear, for the record and before you ask. This is not just for Christians who like to DJ. This site is going to be a safe place to share your success and failures with me and my other online friends. So, together we can make a difference in the Party/Event DJ industry for the good. A movement only starts when like-minded people come together and share wisdom and experience and then offer it out to All who need help. It’s time to change this DJ lifestyle for the Best possible outcome for You and All the rest who feel what we feel. DJ’s get your playlist, upgrade your gear and let’s take this DJ site to the next level.

Again, thanks for giving me your attention – I look forward to your return visit to our DJ site/blog. You are my motivation to keep going strong and to give out everything I know for free.

Your brother,