By Sam Lopez The Ultimate Mobile DJ (Tight Budget) Let’s start with a DJ Mixer and/or a DJ controller (Under $200) Each Behringer DJX750 5-Channel DJ Mixer (Affiliate Link) Gemini Slate DJ Controller (Affiliate Link)           Now for some DJ Speakers (Under $500) Behringer B212D Powered Speaker (550 Watts, 1×12″), Pair (Affiliate Link)                 Speaker Stands (Under $150) Electro-Voice TSP-1 Tripod Speaker Stand – Read more about ULTIMATE MOBILE DJ SET-UP[…]

Week 1- The DJ Business Quick-Start (Basics)

  By DJ SAMROCK THIS WEEK, YOU’LL LEARN: How to schedule practice sessions How volunteering to help can benefit you How to get your 1st DJ opportunity How to stand out from the other DJ’s How to monetize your DJ Business Before starting your own DJ business, you need to make sure your skills are up to grade. A DJ is one of the most critiqued  professional in the music industry. That is because most of the Read more about Week 1- The DJ Business Quick-Start (Basics)[…]

How to create a party playlist

By Sam Lopez Making a playlist for your next party is one of the most important parts of DJing. This is your opportunity as the hired DJ to show your client that you care about making their party the best that you can. Start with demographics: how many people did your client invite, and how many people are expected to show up? Will there be drop-ins? What’s the age group of the guests? This should have been discussed earlier in the planning, Read more about How to create a party playlist[…]

A must have for every DJ.

By Sam Lopez Looking at this setup got you like WoW, right? I mean look at the style and look of the DJ console and all the flashy buttons and the color scheme. The 2 screens in the center Dope! Can you imagine yourself behind this setup and getting all the compliments, it would be an amazing boost to your ego. It looks like the next gen in DJ gear, like upgrading from PS1 to Read more about A must have for every DJ.[…]

Master What You Have…

By Sam Lopez I was at an event in New Jersey doing sound and DJing a concert and I realized something  that I thought you should know.  Ecclesiastes 1:9 (AMP) That which has been is that which will be [again], And that which has been done is that which will be done again. So there is nothing new under the sun. In several conversations I had with former and current musicians/artists and producers as well as DJ’s, Read more about Master What You Have…[…]