February 2, 2016

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By Sam Lopez Mobile DJ Set

The Ultimate Mobile DJ (Tight Budget)

Let’s start with a DJ Mixer and/or a DJ controller (Under $200) Each

Behringer DJX750 5-Channel DJ Mixer

By Sam Lopez Playlist blog

Making a playlist for your next party is one of the most important parts of DJing. This is your opportunity as the hired DJ to show your client that you care about making their party the best that you can. Start with demographics: how many people did your client invite, and how many people are expected to show up? Will there be drop-ins? What’s

By Sam Lopez A Must Have Looking at this setup got you like WoW, right? I mean look at the style and look of the DJ console and all the flashy buttons and the color scheme. The 2 screens in the center Dope! Can you imagine yourself behind this setup and getting all the compliments, it would be an amazing boost

By Sam Lopez Master What You Have I was at an event in New Jersey doing sound and DJing a concert and I realized something  that I thought you should know. 

Ecclesiastes 1:9 (AMP)

That which has been is that which will be [again], And that which has been done is that which will

Pioneer DDJ basics (Affiliate Link) This will not change the pricing but I will get commission. Thanks for your support.  

Step 1 – Get the latest drivers

PC users:

  • When you open the box and you’re excited about the newness of owning your DJ Controller, don’t start hooking it up until you visit (latest firmware) to download the latest.

Mac OS users:

  • You don’t have to

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