Week 4- Mobile Gear for DJ’s on the Move


DJ Podcast week 4


  • The difference between a Mobile DJ and a Club DJ
  • The advantages and disadvantages of the controller case

This comparison is one of the most interesting, at least to me when it comes to DJing. As I go about doing my best in the field I find out that the client doesn’t know the difference between a Mobile DJ and a Club DJ. There are several reasons why this is true, the most common reason I found is that they really don’t care as long as they get what they were looking for.  So, for us as DJ’s it’s our responsibility to educate our clients to why this difference is worth caring about. At the same time you are clearing any misconceptions about your own DJ Service business.

Let’s look at the major differences between a Mobile DJ and a Club DJ.

  • Mobile DJ’s are DJ’s that tour with portable sound, lighting, and video systems. They play music for a targeted audience from a collection of pre-recorded music using vinyl records, CDs, or digital music formats such as USB flash drives or laptop computers. This DJ is known for carrying around cases to help protect their DJ gear.

Mobile DJs perform at a variety of events including wedding receptions, Bar and Bat Mitzvah receptions, company parties, school dances, anniversaries, and birthday parties. They also perform in public at taverns, nightclubs, and block parties.

  • Club DJ’s are DJ’s who play a mix of recorded music for an audience, either to a radio, television or Internet audience if the mix is broadcast over the airwaves or via another medium (e.g., cable television or online) or the audience in a venue such as a bar, nightclub or dance club. In venues such as a club or dance events such as a rave or Electronic Dance Music festival, this is typically an audience which dances to the music, which is played through a powerful sound reinforcement system that is already in place. In some expensive lounges and restaurants, there may be a DJ, but the audience listens to the music rather than dancing.

One of my goals as a DJ is to start a DJ Academy at a club that we will own and focus on having the best parties ever as we learn the trade together. I’m working hard to make that happen with God’s help, of course. So, as of now I’m a Mobile DJ that tours with my own sound system and lights. It’s not easy and I usually hire helpers to go with me depending on the size of the event. In a few weeks I’m launching our first Party Promotion Team. Details coming real soon.

Now for the promised DJ tip about DJ Controller cases. I highly suggest purchasing one or two, especially if your a Mobile DJ. The expense and hassle of replacing broken faders, cables, knobs, etc. is worth investing in cases. From first hand experience trying to cut corners on the case I have some equipment that have damages that were totally avoidable had I purchased cases sooner. The many advantages of getting your DJ Controller case is that you will protect all the parts that you use on the gear. Imagine loosing a fader and you are far from any place to get the thing replaced. That is a bad day for any DJ. The only disadvantage I see in owning a DJ Controller case is that your controller not having the correct case available. Not all DJ Controllers have custom sized cases. Make sure you get the right one before spending your cash.  The video below should be a good starting point to what the cases offer. 

Till next week it’s your brother DJ SAMROCK “The Christian DJ Difference” with experience. Peace…


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