Week 1- The DJ Business Quick-Start (Basics)



DJ Podcast wk1


  • How to schedule practice sessions
  • How volunteering to help can benefit you
  • How to get your 1st DJ opportunity
  • How to stand out from the other DJ’s
  • How to monetize your DJ Business

Before starting your own DJ business, you need to make sure your skills are up to grade. A DJ is one of the most critiqued  professional in the music industry. That is because most of the time we are front and center.  So, most important DJ Business Quick-Start is scheduling practice sessions. Check your Google Calendar (I use the free version) and set aside at least (2) times a week for 2 hours to practice. NO Exception rules should apply. This is your time to gain more experience with your DJ set-up. This is a good habit that you won’t want to break until you can do it with your eyes closed.

Don’t let your pride get in the way of your success. I used to carry crates of vinyl records for the DJ’s that played in the parks of Cooper Park Houses where I grew up.  By doing them that favor they in turn showed me how to use the mixer. Then another time they would show me how to hook up the speakers, and little by little they would show me the basics. I even met a producer that took me under his wings and taught me the basics of recording. I learned fast and I started DJing in the beginning of the jams in the park.  You can approach a seasoned DJ with years of experience and work with him as an assistant.

You can also gain experience by throwing parties for your friends and your the DJ, or by volunteering to DJ at friend’s parties, school parties, or other parties. In a later session we will go over how to create a virtual (online) party. With time, you will perfect your skills, and you would have gained enough experience to start your own DJ business. Free 99 (doing it for FREE) as we call it is always a way to get your foot in the door but, I would still have some kind of written DJ Services agreement to go over with your client. That is a great way of showing your clients that you are taking your DJ business seriously and in turn they will take you seriously as well. I did this in the earlier years in my community to show them what I was capable of doing and then later offered my DJ Services at a cost. From building relationships and getting in front of the right crowd, your 1st paying DJ opportunity will be there quicker than you expected. When that day comes do your fellow DJ’s a huge favor and always be professional. Be you and create your own style of DJing but remain professional and we other DJ’s will have a better chance of getting hired as well. A bad DJ experience is hard for people to forget and when a good DJ comes along it makes it harder for him or her to gain that trust that is necessary to get another chance. Guilty by association (unfortunately) but is true.

There are more DJ’s than ever, making it hard to stand out. That is if your just another generic (no frills) type of DJ. That is why I’m not a fan of a DJ that claims to play all types of music and have all the greatest and latest music. That is saying you do it all but don’t specialize in anything. Check out my DJ Referral link and see how I tacked this head on. Specializing in certain types of parties will sometimes decrease the size of your target market, but you will decrease the size of your competition along with it. So it’s a great trade-off. Sometimes it’s better to be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in a big pond. The fact is there are many fish in the sea but only those who know the waters will survive the longest. Figure out exactly what kind of music you want to play and then make sure everyone knows about it by giving out mixes online and offering Mix Cd’s for Free with the purchase of a DJ Service. Your personal brand needs to be immediately apparent from all your promotional materials. One glance should tell people exactly what kind of DJ you are. That way, anyone looking for that specific kind of DJ will know instantly that you can provide what they need. Put in the work to find unique tracks that people have not yet heard. If you become known as someone who plays unique tracks within a specific style, you will be in demand.

And finally, you need to decide if DJing is your hobby only or do you want to take it to the next level. I would imagine you want to go full force if your reading this blog, but I won’t assume I’d rather ask the question. So if you decide that you only DJ as a hobby then thanks for your time. You can stop reading now. To those DJ’s that want to build a DJ career and monetize your efforts then keep reading. There are (3) basic steps you need to take to get your DJ Business up and running.

  1. Register for a federal Employer Identification Number with the United States Internal Revenue Service. You can apply for the EIN free of charge on the IRS website. An EIN is required for tax purposes and is often required to obtain state and local licenses.
  2. Apply for a state business license through the office of your state’s secretary of state. You may call the secretary of state’s office or review its website for additional details on requirements for a business license application. The business.gov website, which is part of the United States Small Business Administration, will also provide comprehensive information about the permits and licenses required for your state.
  3. Obtain a local business license through your city, town or county. Contact your local government directly or visit the business.gov website for information on local licensing requirements. Once these licenses are in place, you can open for business.

These are very basic steps that will not take more than a day to get everything in motion. Till next week it’s your brother DJ SAMROCK “The Christian DJ Difference” with experience. Peace…

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