November 24, 2015

Start Here


Ask yourself these questionsask_questions

1. Do I have a passion for music?

2. What kind of music (genre) is my favorite? If, you have more than 1, pick your top 2 for now.

3. Do I want to be a DJ or just want to listen to good music?

4. Am I a Party Type?

5. Do I like to Plan Events?

Learning to DJ is secondary

You might be thinking, OK when is DJ SAMROCK gonna get the lessons flowing? What do I need to throw my first party? What equipment do I need to accommodate 50+ people. And the list of Q & A’s can take the rest of the blog. Those and other questions will be answered and explained later on. On the weekly podcasts I will tackle those things and much more, but I strongly believe in doing things in order of importance. I like to put things in order according to importance. This is why I want you to START HERE before diving head first into all that technical stuff. Think of it this way. I can show you how to do this and that, and create video tutorials and podcasts to explain how. But, that would not be very helpful if you don’t know Why your doing what your doing. In other words, if you know the hows without the why’s then you will start running fast in place getting nowhere. Learning to DJ is secondary. Your gifts and talents to motivate a crowd to dance will show up as you go along, but having a purpose when doing it will give you thrive and passion. That is worth more than you charge your future clients. It’s how I keep a smile on my face during my DJ opportunities.

Check out this 5 star review:
DJ SAMROCK provided a wonderful experience for our churches 90th Anniversary Celebration; we requested an uplifting Gospel music and appropriate R&B he delivered on both with a humble disposition and a never ending smile. If you’re looking for a Christian DJ please consider DJ SAMROCK, he will provide you with the entertainment experience that you’re looking forward to. -Jennifer E. on November 9, 2015

That is one review that reminds me of why I do what I do. Keeps things in perspective as I do what I’m called to do, which is to serve and provide value to my clients as the DJ or whatever I’m asked to do.

What’s my next step?

If you answered yes to to any of the questions, now it’s time to set your plan and┬átake action steps.

The most powerful way to start something is to write it out and make it plain. If you don’t plan to succeed, you are planning to fail.

Your greatest enemy is yourself, when it comes to taking action. When I think of my full-time job I realize that the hardest thing I face is waking up early and going to work. The same applies to getting started with your DJ/Party Planning ideas. The hardest part is waking up early and getting to work.

My goal is to help you learn what works: share the truth, be honest, work hard, and lead by example. I’m here to guide you as I’m learning myself. We are in this together, you are Not alone. Repeat: You are Not alone.

Is this your first time here? If so, thanks for stopping by. My name is Sam Lopez a.k.a. DJ SAMROCK and I’m happy to see you came through.