Week 2- The Laptop Quick Fix


DJ Podcast week 2


  • How to set your laptop to connect to Wi-Fi when on location even if there is no Wi-Fi available


One of the worst feelings as a DJ is not being able to play songs that is requested due to the problem of not being able to access your cloud music files. I use content unlimited add-on for my Virtual DJ Software. cu_presentation_01When I play at parties off-line, I make sure that my cache authorizations are updated before going to the venue. To do this, with an active Internet connection, right-click on the downloaded content folder and choose this option. I recommend doing this just prior to going to an off-line party/venue.


To make sure I can get a connection to the internet I purchased a mobile hot spot device. For my DJ Services area works great. You would need to check service in your DJ Services area to be sure this would work best for you. 

Till next week it’s your brother DJ SAMROCK “The Christian DJ Difference” with experience. Peace…


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