Week 5- Summer Slam Sound System


week 5



  • What the Pro’s use to make the sound epic
  • Where to buy the best equipment for the lowest price

Pro Mobile DJing is an avenue that takes the meaning of gear to a whole new level. The term encompasses controllers, laptops, microphones, stage lights, dollies, and much more. One of the most important set of components for any mobile DJ is to have a good pair of loudspeakers. A mobile DJ will typically offer an all-inclusive package so a sound system is definitely needed and it is important to understand what to look for in a sound system. DJs will have either passive or active speakers and knowing the difference between the two is essential to every mobile DJ . Today we will break down each type and determine which  type is best for you.


Mobile DJs, in particular, could be doing events with less than 100 people to over 1000 people and it is important to understand how sound is processed by speakers in order to accommodate the audience size. Passive speakers are great for affordable sound. There will be an added component of buying an amplifier but the price of two speakers and amplifier is comparable to two powered speakers. The quality of sound not only depends on the speaker construction but also the amplifier. Watch out for bad knock off speakers and amplifiers.

Active Speakers

Active speakers are powered which means DJs need not worry about having an amplifier. The volume is controlled on each speaker and each speaker connects directly into the mixer. Powered speakers are really an all in one solution. The wattage rating on a powered speaker is the power of the internal amplifier. Usually, a couple of 500 watt powered  quality speakers could handle 400 dancing teens at a homecoming dance. Powered speakers are great because each speaker’s volume is controlled separately from each other and the DJ doesn’t have to watch their amp all night. When DJing with powered speakers I usually set their individual volumes during sound check and then watch the volume on the mixer (you still need to trust the levels on the mixer).

Powered speakers are usually linkable. Unlike passive speakers where each audio input has power pulsing through the connection, powered speaker inputs are just feeding the audio. Each speaker will usually have an “IN” for the source of the audio and an “OUT” to connect to another speaker. This is great because most mixers have only two master out connections. The secret to get more connected is using an audio snake.

Powered speakers are the all in one solution. A mixer, XLR cables, and the speaker is all you need. Keep in mind you will need more outlets to connect the speakers and powered speakers are generally more expensive since each speaker contains its own amplifier.

Here is where I shop for the best prices :


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